This November, New Albany has an exciting opportunity to vote for a new fieldhouse!

For years, our community has desired a year-round indoor facility for both athletic and non-athletic programming. This has been expressed through multiple surveys and conversations with stakeholders and community members. A fieldhouse would be not just a place for athletes, but a facility for the entire family that will provide ample recreational and wellness opportunities. Further, the fieldhouse will provide a safe place for kids and teens to gather for organized activities throughout the entire year.

Why now? An important factor is the availability of land required to complete a project that fits the needs of the community today. Developers are rushing to gain control of large parcels, meaning in the coming years the opportunities will only continue to dwindle. The rising costs of land, labor, materials, as well as increasing interest rates, also gives urgency to complete the project at the lowest possible burden to the community. A fieldhouse will contain growth in New Albany to avoid overcrowding the schools and roadways by eliminating future development inventory within the school district.

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